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  • Blog Post: What's new for Microsoft Test Manager in VS 2012 RC

    Check the post here to find out what’s new in Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) in Visual Studio 2012 RC!
  • Blog Post: Test Attachment Cleaner for TFS 11 Beta is out

    Last week we released updated set of Power Tools for TFS 11 Beta .  This release also includes updated version of Test Attachment Cleaner tool for deleting test attachments created by Microsoft Test Manager (MTM). Apart from support for TFS 11 Beta, this release of Test Attachment Cleaner includes...
  • Blog Post: MTM’s compatibility with TFS

    Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) is forward and backward compatible with TFS.  This mean you can use - MTM 2010 with TFS 11.  To do so, you need to install the Compatibility GDR . MTM 11 with TFS 2010.  This is supported without any extra install. Since many new features require change in...
  • Blog Post: Various test attachment size reduction features in MTM\TFS 11

    Some of you may have faced the problem of test attachments growing too fast in TFS with Microsoft Test Manager (MTM).  As you know, the test attachments can be cleaned using Test Attachment Cleaner tool which is part of TFS Power Tools .  However, even with the cleaner tool, the experience...
  • Blog Post: How To: Bulk edit action recording?

    Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) has test runner using which one can do manual testing. One of the features that many folks use while doing manual testing using test runner is the Fast Forward feature. With this feature, a tester can do an action recording and later use that to fast forward the test with...
  • Blog Post: FAQ: Editing test case while using test runner

    Many folks have requested that they want to edit the test case while they are running it in test runner . While this is not possible in the current release ( Microsoft Test Manager 2010), there is a poor workaround for this - After starting the test in the runner, you can use the highlighted button to...
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