A 48 hr conversation all about the 'Next Web', what it means today and the potential impact of technologies, tools and techniques for the future. Inspiring designers and developers to take the media they love to new levels of user experience.


So who's going to speaking?

  • How about the person who invented ASP.NET and who runs the team that writes Silverlight and makes Visual Studio and .NET a reality?
  • How about one of the world's leading user interaction researchers and authors – someone that has been awarded for Lifetime Achievement by ACM SIGCHI for fundamental contributions to the field of Computer Human Interaction and many other amazing accolades.
  • What about a designer who has helped forge the way we look at brands like Diesel, BBC, Channel 4, Disney, Benetton, Kellogg's and Coca-Cola?
  • How about the person who had the number one requested session at Tech.Ed developer US or one of the highest rated speakers at Tech.Ed developer in Barcelona?
  • Shall I go on - how about the creative director at moo.com, or the program manager for IE8, ...


How about ALL OF THEM? That's the profile of just some of the speakers at our very own ReMix UK 08 event taking place on 18/19th September in Brighton.  You can read about the speakers on the event website.