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May, 2007

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Glenn is a PM on the WCF team working on Microsoft’s future HTTP and REST stack.  Prior to WCF he was a PM on the new Managed Extensibility Framework in .NET 4.0. Glenn has a breadth of experience both inside and outside Microsoft developing software solutions for ISVs and the enterprise. Glenn has also been very active in involving folks from the community in the development of software at Microsoft. This has included shipping several products under open source licenses, as well as assisting other teams looking to do so. Glenn is also a frequent speaker at local and international events and user groups.  When he's not working and playing with technology, he spends his time with his wife and daughter either at their home in Seattle or at one of the local coffee shops.<o:p></o:p>

Glenn's blog can be found at or you can follow him on twitter at you own risk at <o:p></o:p>


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    Is CAB complex? And if so, Why?

    Recently, there have been several posts critical of CABs complexity. Personally I have no issue with being critical of the complexity of CAB. First off, it's your right to give your opinion. Second, CAB is complex! Whether that complexity is warranted...
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    Community is on the move - SCSFContrib and WCSFContrib

    Several weeks ago Tom posted about the launch of three new p&p contrib projects for Enterprise Library, Smart Client Software Factory and Web Client Software Factory. Today SCSFContrib and WCSFContrib launched on CodePlex. What is a contrib project...
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    SCSF May 2007 Shipped

    I am behind on my blog posting the last few days as I have been slammed with WCSF vNext planning. One major event I've been meaning to announce is that the next version of SCSF has shipped. Blaine and the Southworks crew have all the details. My advice...
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    What would you have us build?

    OK, I am about to take a community leap of faith. There's been several discussions going on on the web about p&p, specifically about CAB and SCSF. Without going into details, one the key arguments around our deliverables is that they are too complex...
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    ASP.NET AJAX decisions for WCSF vNext

    Alot of our customers have been asking about ASP.NET AJAX support for WCSF, as a matter of fact it's the most highly voted upon work item in our issue tracker. Now that we've heard you on the importance of this feature, the next question is what type...
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    Tell us what you think about our Software Factories

    At p&p we really care about the experiences our customers have with our products. If you are using any of our factories, then we want to hear from you. We've created a survey for our factory adopters, that you can access here . When you launch the...
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    WPF Features in SCSF Rel 2

    As we're on the heels of shipping our next version of the Smart Client Software Factory, many customers are asking the question " Are you providing anything for WPF?" . The short answer is a resounding "Yes" . With our next release we are providing for...
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    Tom Hollander is leaving p&amp;p

    I am a mixture of sadness and happiness to find out that my new colleague Tom Hollander, of Enterprise Library fame is leaving p&p. Tom is an icon in the developer community and his leaving will be a great loss. In addition to being the primary driver...
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