Recently two fellow teammates got their blogs up and ruinning. Grigori Melnik is new to the team as Tom Hollander's replacement. Grigori is no stranger to the agile world being a member of the Agile Alliance and Scrum Alliance. He's also a published author and a frequent speaker at various software engineering events. He's jumped right in with both feet and is busy driving on the next version of GAT/GAX. I am spoiled because we share an office and I get to tap his brain whenever I feel like it. :)  Welcome Grigori!

Dragos is our architect for WCSF. He came to us out of Thoughtworks and is a tried and true patterns guru.  He makes sure that in whatever we do, we are not forgetting the forest for the trees. One of his oft-repeated phrases is "Focus on the problem, not the solution". In his first post he's asking what appears to be a very simple question, "What is an LOB application?".

Stay-tuned to both Grigoi and Dragos' blog as I am sure there's great things to come.