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February, 2008

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Glenn is a PM on the WCF team working on Microsoft’s future HTTP and REST stack.  Prior to WCF he was a PM on the new Managed Extensibility Framework in .NET 4.0. Glenn has a breadth of experience both inside and outside Microsoft developing software solutions for ISVs and the enterprise. Glenn has also been very active in involving folks from the community in the development of software at Microsoft. This has included shipping several products under open source licenses, as well as assisting other teams looking to do so. Glenn is also a frequent speaker at local and international events and user groups.  When he's not working and playing with technology, he spends his time with his wife and daughter either at their home in Seattle or at one of the local coffee shops.<o:p></o:p>

Glenn's blog can be found at or you can follow him on twitter at you own risk at <o:p></o:p>


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    Web Client Software Factory 2.0 shipped!

    As promised, WE'RE LIVE!!!!!   (Image courtesy of hyku via ) After a long haul and several posts such as here and here , we're finally out the door with the next version of the Web Client Software Factory...
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    Get trained on Web Client Software Factory 2.0

    David Platt just announced a new 4 day course on WCSF from April 8th to 11th. Register here. One of the repeated requests I hear from customers working with WCSF and SCSF is "Where can I get training?". Fortunately thanks to David Platt, this...
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    Web Client 2.0, what's the hold up?

    As is obvious from the comments , we've hit some delays. This reason is due to GAT/GAX issues with version 1.4. Those issues have been resolved and GAT/GAX 1.4 has now shipped. I guess you can say that the previews ended, but then the film broke while...
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    Entity Framework Webinar

    Ward Bell just told me about this little gem. IdeaBlade has an upcoming MSDN Magazine webinar entitled "Introduction to the Entity Framework and LINQ". LINQ is the new query language that is shipping as part of .NET 3.5 and provides language...
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    Patterns, it's about teaching people how to fish

    The other day Larry Brader (Our Lead Test Manager) and I were having an interesting conversation that led me to make the above statement. Larry and I were discussing the root drivers for many of the architectural qualities I have been pushing on within...
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    Have you heard of SFD?

    OK, you've heard of TDD and BDD, but have you heard of SFD? SFD stands for Simple-First Development. It's a principle that we're driving on as we move forward in our "Prism" (Composite WPF) project. Essentially it means that when we attempt...
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