Thanks to everyone who came out to the “Way of MEF” education day in Cupertino. I had a great time and you were an awesome audience. I really appreciate all the great / in-depth questions. It showed that you really were keeping along. I also enjoyed all the different side conversations, and all the times you guys overwhelmed me at the breaks. I really do love this stuff!

Here is a link to get you access to the code and the slides:

If you download the code it contains the following:

  • HelloMef_Simple - The simple widget example we built
  • HelloMef_Extended - Sample that downloads multiple XAPs and which demonstrates ExportFactory.
  • MefRules_Simple - The simple rules engine we built on the fly
  • MefRules_Extended - More complete rules engine sample which uses rule metadata and contains a runner for Silverlight and Desktop.
  • DynamicObjectContracts - Demonstrates a simple illustration of using dynamic exports and imports
  • PartUpdatesInPlace - Demonstrates uses shadow copying to allow hot swapping / removing parts on the fly. (the one that the audience asked me about)

Here are additional links:

Finally as promised, if you have questions that were not answered in the talk, feel free to comment here or email me direct and I will answer them in a follow up post.

Thanks to Mathias Brandewinder, Kevin Rohling, his nutty girlfriend and recruiter extraordinaire Megan Hopkins and the Bay.NET UG for hosting me. I had an awesome time.

Yes, I know I need to post on what I am working on now……I hear you, pleae be patient :-)