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  • Blog Post: How do I expose configuration information through MEF?

    <Goal>Post in 15 mins or less :-)</Goal> This question which recently popped on our forums is one of the common questions we hear from customers. In this particular case, wcoenen (the person in the forums) had recently used information that he wanted to pull from configuration and pipe to...
  • Blog Post: Announcing WPF Composite Client

    We just announced a new deliverable called WPF Composite Client. Due to the wonders of the blogosphere this is actually showing up as having been posted several days ago. Note to self, don't post drafts anymore. Anyway, check out the "real" post here .
  • Blog Post: YAAP - Yet another ALT.NET post

    If you head on over to, the above message is what you'll find. Recently, there's been a ton of posts from a list of people too long to recount here (though David Laribee is at the top of the list) about the recent ALT.NET gathering. Hopefully this will not be repeat of what you will find...
  • Blog Post: .NET Source code, get your copy now!

    Seriously! Everyone is talking about this announcement from Scott Guthrie about the release of .NET Framework Source Code. This doesn't mean it's going Open Source as Scoble first thought, but it does mean that you'll be able to debug in to the base libraries. This is great for people who want to understand...
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