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  • Blog Post: If Acropolis is no more, what's our commitment?

    Recently there was a question on the forums from Bill Krat asking about p&p's commitment around the future of SCSF/CAB. I can completely understand where Bill is coming from and I am sure many customers are wondering the same thing. For this reason I am going to reproduce part of that thread. Below...
  • Blog Post: Announcing WPF Composite Client

    We just announced a new deliverable called WPF Composite Client. Due to the wonders of the blogosphere this is actually showing up as having been posted several days ago. Note to self, don't post drafts anymore. Anyway, check out the "real" post here .
  • Blog Post: WPF Composite Client, it's coming!

    Today is a great day as we unveil our plans for a new  patterns & practices deliverable currently called " WPF Composite Client". The Acropolis team  just announced that  the core Acropolis concepts  will be rolled into future .NET Framework releases.  While we...
  • Blog Post: Acropolis, the future of Smart Client

    For some time people have been asking us what our plans are for supporting WPF within SCSF / CAB. In our last release we shipped support for hosting WPF Smart parts and Workspaces within a windows SCSF / CAB application. The next question many of our customer's had is "Why didn't you ship a WPF version...
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