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  • Blog Post: Paulo Morgado speaks on Geek Speak

      Allright, I should be sleeping however I am up at this late hour due to watching Paulo Morgado's recent Geek Speak web cast where he spoke about Web Client Software Factory 2.0 bundles . Paulo is one of our MVPs who is always pushing the cutting edge with Web Client. That's his likeness in the...
  • Blog Post: What is in a name - "Bundles" and "Application Blocks"

    As many of you know, recently we've been shipping a set of deliverables that we've been calling tentatively "bundles". Since we first came up with the name, we've been having a ton of debates internally(No we don't have a ton of free time on our hands). I've had several lively discussions about this...
  • Blog Post: Announcing Web Client bundles

    For some time we've been all quiet on the Web Client team front. Today, we broke that silence and shipped the Contextual Autocomplete Guidance Bundle . This is the first of several new deliverables we will be releasing as part of Web Client vNext. As they ship, you'll be able to find them in our Bundle...
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