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  • Blog Post: CodePaste is the bee’s knees, my new favorite way to share code.

    Ever need to share code-snippets with the twittersphere? If so, Codepaste is for you. It's my favorite new tool for getting code out there in a really low-friction manner. It has really nice syntax coloring support, allows reviewers to comment, and most importantly it associates pastes with a profile...
  • Blog Post: me@codebetter

    Hi guys I have a new blog on .  I plan on using it to focus on general software engineering practices, reflections on how we build software in p&p, and tales of woe and success from my pre-Microsoft days. I'll also post about my off-hours geek explorations like learning Ruby,...
  • Blog Post: Refactoring to a fluent interface

    Oren has a nice little gem where he introduces a nice refactoring for defining an email message. Fluent Interfaces introduce more a natural language flow to the code and walk you through the workflow of whatever task it is that you are performing. FluentInterfaces and DSLs (not the XML kind) go hand...
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