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  • Blog Post: Refactoring to a fluent interface

    Oren has a nice little gem where he introduces a nice refactoring for defining an email message. Fluent Interfaces introduce more a natural language flow to the code and walk you through the workflow of whatever task it is that you are performing. FluentInterfaces and DSLs (not the XML kind) go hand...
  • Blog Post: What is DSL anyway?

    Martin Fowler (the patterns / agile king) has a great video of a talk he delivered on Domain Specific Languages at JAOO 2005. Check out this video . It will give you a great overview including practical simple examples. No stone will be left unturned including Embedded DSL, pros, cons, language choices...
  • Blog Post: Clarius Software Factories Toolkit

    Clarius Consulting recently shipped the December CTP of the Software Factories Toolkit . I have not yet looked at the product, but the demos look quite impressive. Basically SFT is positioning itself as the bridge between DSL Tools and GAT (Guidance Authoring Toolkit) development. SFT comes loaded with...
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