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  • Blog Post: Customizing container behavior part 2 of N - Defaults

    Before I get into the post, let me start off with a word of advice for new bloggers. Never say in a post, this is the first of many to come. RESIST! You are just setting yourself up for never doing that second post. I know as the last post in this series was five months ago. ;-) In the last post, I introduced...
  • Blog Post: Using ExportProvider to customize container behavior Part I

    In our last drop of MEF, one of the significant changes was the introduction of the ExportProvider . In this next series of posts, we'll take an in-depth look at what it is, how it's used by the CompositionContainer , and how you can use it to customize the behavior of the container. Disclaimer: These...
  • Blog Post: Export Providers and Custom factories with MEF

    Matt Hawley has a nice set of posts where he explores a method to extend MEF to allow custom activated exports. MEF + Factories MEF + Factories Using an Export Provider Matt's scenario involves exporting a set of WCF proxies. WCF proxies can't simply be instantiated through the constructor, so he needed...
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