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  • Blog Post: MVP with MEF

    Krzysztof had a question on StackOverflow around doing MVP triads wtith MEF. He came up with a way to do it that he wasn't happy with and which I told him was pretty hacky :) After chatting with Krzysztof I took a shot and came up with something which looks pretty clean. 1: using System.ComponentModel...
  • Blog Post: Announcing the patterns and practices Patterns Factory

    For some time now I've been working on a project that I've not been able to talk about. Well today, I am finally able to let the cat out of the bag. One of the challenges we've been hearing about from customers is around patterns. We hear they are way too hard to grok, and to implement. What customers...
  • Blog Post: MVP Guidance Bundle ships

    There’s been a lot of talk recently about p&p doing more work on pure patterns. We’ve actually been pushing in this direction internally for quite some time and recently shipped a set of guidance called the MVP Bundle. The bundle focuses on Model-View-Presenter, the principles, flavors...
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