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  • Blog Post: View Model Locator – MEF Style

    At MIX, Laurent Bugnion and I had a brainstorming chat around improving on the ViewModel locator “pattern” through the usage of a MEF generic locator that allows binding via indexer properties thus removing the need for a hard-coded locator. Tonite John Papa pinged me with a similar thought. Next thing...
  • Blog Post: Herding code on MVVM and other presentation patterns in WPF and Silverlight

    Recently I had the pleasure of having a nice lively discussion on Herding Code with my cohorts Ward Bell ,  Rob Eisenberg and Jeremy Miller around one of our favorite topics, Presentation Patterns. We let the gloves come off and went at it for about 2 hours. The conversation ranged from topics including...
  • Blog Post: The spirit of MVVM (ViewModel), it’s not a code counting exercise.

    <Warning>Long post follows</Warning> Lately there is a lot of momentum and interesting conversation around Model-View-View-Model. There’s several good resources out there that discuss the basics of the pattern, who the actors are that are involved and what role the play. I’ll let those speak...
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