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  • Blog Post: CComPtr and CComQIPtr, ATL / COM's smart pointers

    Until I started working at Microsoft, or maybe even until I started working on Windows, I wasn't much of a "COM in C++" guy. The functionality that I needed was typically abstracted in to a managed language such as C# and so I could get by by without ever really learning COM. In fact, I had only written...
  • Blog Post: Using the InkOverlay Control to Avoid Reinventing the Wheel

    As mentioned elsewhere, the InkOverlay control is a superset of the InkCollector . This control enables pen input, pen erasing, and pen selection modes for managing ink collection. For this exercise, you will be adding erase and selection functionality to the ink recognition example. First, the InkCollector...
  • Blog Post: Cool sorted function heading script

    I've been using this quite a bit lately... yes, I know it's cygwin... but. Anyways grep -ri "pkAPI [API_NAME_HERE]_" . | sed s/.*pkAPI//|sort This little script snippet finds me all the functions that exist in the current folder and trims them up with sed before sorting. I just compare the results...
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