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  • Blog Post: GTA 4 Episodic content coming only to Xbox 360

    I heard rumors before that the Xbox 360 version of GTA 4 would be the only one that would have episodic content but now it's confirmed by gaming site Kotaku . This is a huge score for the Xbox biz-dev guys, let's hope it pulls a few more hardcore gamers in :)
  • Blog Post: 512 Meg Xbox 360 Memory Card coming

    Joystiq , mentions that we'll soon be able to purchase a 512 meg memory card for the 360 for the low price of ~$50. This will come alongside a lift on the 50 MB limit on XBLA titles to 150MB. Woot! I suspect that we'll be seeing Castlevania SOTN soon!
  • Blog Post: Ikaragua Announced on XBLA

    This is big news for all of us "real" shooters fans. Joystiq has an interesting commentary on this. And CVG had the scoop.
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