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  • Blog Post: Xbox 360 Sales are way up in Japan This Week!!!

    From Kotaku : Nintendo DS Lite - 118,684 Wii - 65,521 PSP - 33,359 PlayStation 2 - 11,974 PLAYSTATION 3 - 9,481 Xbox 360 - 7,583 Game Boy Advance SP - 472 Game Boy micro - 371 Almost passing the PS3 this week! That's pretty big news in Japan, a huge import-averse country.
  • Blog Post: GTA 4 Episodic content coming only to Xbox 360

    I heard rumors before that the Xbox 360 version of GTA 4 would be the only one that would have episodic content but now it's confirmed by gaming site Kotaku . This is a huge score for the Xbox biz-dev guys, let's hope it pulls a few more hardcore gamers in :)
  • Blog Post: Halo 3 Viral Campaign Begins, and just a few months to launch

    Sept. 25th. That date sounds like a long ways away for me right now, but I'm sure it will arrive soon enough. That's the announced launch date for Halo 3. For those who didn't play in the beta, Halo 3 is more than just a graphical upgrade to the Halo 2 engine, it makes advances in game play aspects and...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft IPTV gets a new name with the latest release

    Sounds like we're switching Microsoft TV: IPTV Edition to Mediaroom. Microsoft TV is something of a less strong brand so I think this is going to be a good sign of coming changes and a major release. More details can be found in the Seattle PI article . I wonder if this release will have anything...
  • Blog Post: Better late than never, or, the Xbox 360 compatability update with many sought after games

    I just noticed this press release on the Gamerscoreblog regarding an update to the BC list for the Xbox 360: Tenku (Japan only) Avatar: The Last Airbender (US) Avatar: The Legend of Aang (EMEA/ANZ) Breakdown Call of Duty 2: Big Red One Call of Duty 3 Cars Crash Bandicoot 5...
  • Blog Post: 512 Meg Xbox 360 Memory Card coming

    Joystiq , mentions that we'll soon be able to purchase a 512 meg memory card for the 360 for the low price of ~$50. This will come alongside a lift on the 50 MB limit on XBLA titles to 150MB. Woot! I suspect that we'll be seeing Castlevania SOTN soon!
  • Blog Post: This made me laugh, PS3 smear parody "how you killed your brand"

    I saw this first on Joystiq : I don't completely understand the 360 logo at the video conclusion, but pretty funny.
  • Blog Post: Ikaragua Announced on XBLA

    This is big news for all of us "real" shooters fans. Joystiq has an interesting commentary on this. And CVG had the scoop.
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