New McConnell Book

New McConnell Book

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My colleague at Microsoft Al Noel just gave me a heads up on a new book coming soon from Steve McConnell called Software Estimation: Demystifying the Black Art. Al had a hand in reviewing the book, and given McConnell's past contribution to the art of software design, I suspect this will be a good one.

  • Thanks for the tip. Do you know the real release date? and are showing different release dates, 3/22 vs. 2/22.
  • Sorry, I don't. Hopefully, it'll be the earlier date.

  • I was one of the many folks Steve opened up his review process to. I didn't get through the entire book, but the first several chapters were terrific.
  • McConnell's site is citing March 2006. He also makes the following note that's worth mentioning: "Note: Amazon currently says the list price is $29.99 and is selling the book for $19.79, but I understand that the actual price will be $39.99".

    I also had a hand in reviewing it, and am looking forward to seeing it hit the shelves.
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