Tracking World Domination with Worldmaps

Tracking World Domination with Worldmaps

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My colleague Brian Hitney has added a cool new stat to WorldMaps:

I added a fairly small but cool WorldMap stat that essentially measures your progress towards world domination.  :)

It's called WorldMap Coverage, and measures the global coverage of the WorldMap account, based on all known current locations.  Obviously, this "known locations" will be in flux over time, so it's a bit of a moving target.  On my WorldMap report page, my current number is:

WorldMap Coverage 17.44%

So even though my WorldMap looks full on a small map, that's a lot of open territory!

I think Brian should rename the stat to World Domination Index (WDI). My WDI is 17.38%, which means I'm close to catching up with Brian. And he had a head start.

Structure Too Big

  • I just checked -- you're now 17.42% ... dang, dangerously close to catching me!  Yikes.  I need to get out there and evangelize :)

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