ASMX vs. WCF, an airplane analogy

ASMX vs. WCF, an airplane analogy

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Keith Elder has what I think is a nice analogy of the difference between ASMX web services and WCF services:

This question comes up a lot in conversations I have with developers. 

“Why would I want to switch to ASMX services?”

One analogy I have come up with to explain the difference between the two is an airplane analogy. 

I associate ASMX services with a Cessna 150 cockpit and I associate WCF services with a 747 Jumbo Jet cockpit.

See the full post for great compare and contrast photos, as well as the full argument.

I don’t agree 100% with his conclusion, which seems to weigh heavily in favor of WCF. In my opinion, there are times when a Cessna 150 is just what you need, and the same is true of ASMX. But I think he’s absolutely right when he notes that the reward for learning the complexities of WCF configuration is a much more powerful and flexible tool for providing and hosting services.

  • A "Silverlight Enabled WCF Service" will get you the Cessna controls with a 747 engine. You messing with contracts, and the config file is set up for SOAP 1.1

    All you need is the Silverlight dev tools which include that project item template.


  • Can we do coding for cascading dropdown with ajax and WCF

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