Thanks to all of the folks who came out for the Web Platform Firestarter events that Chris Bowen and I presented this week.

If you’d like the slides from our presentations, you can find Chris’ slides via this post, and mine are available here.

Additionally, some of the questions during the event prompted me to look up some information on the following:

controlRenderingCompatibilityVersion Page property

An attendee asked me what the default value for this property is in a new project in Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4. The default for the property is “4.0” which may potentially break compatibility with previous behavior. If you use the Visual Studio upgrade wizard to update a site to .NET 4, it will automatically add this property to the pages section of web.config and set it to “3.5” to preserve backwards compatibility.

You can read more about this property at:

And you can read more about upgrading a site to .NET 4 at:

Routing in Web Forms

Another question that came up was whether you could use the new routing support in Web Forms to route an incoming URL to a handler (.ashx) or web service. I gave that a shot, and found that the answer was no…in order to use MapPageRoute with a given file, that file has to inherit from the Page base class.

To learn more about routing in Web Forms, check out the following docs and articles: