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  • Blog Post: Community Megaphone Podcast Show #26 – FoxPro Reunion at MVP Summit!

    The latest episode of the Community Megaphone Podcast is up! In this episode, Dane and I were at the MVP summit, where we had the opportunity talk to several members of the Visual FoxPro community. These current and former Visual FoxPro MVPs talk about the role that FoxPro played in the development of...
  • Blog Post: Rebel DE Yell

    I may regret this at some point, but for those who missed my growl-fest at the MVP Summit last week, here’s the video, as recorded by W. Kevin Hazzard . There are at least two other videos floating around out there, but this is the first one I was able to lay hands on…enjoy!
  • Blog Post: Kevin Hazzard on F#

    This looks interesting…local C# MVP Kevin Hazzard is moving up in the alphabet with a series for beginners on F# , the new functional programming language out of Microsoft Research . First two installments are already up…definitely one I’ll be following.
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