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  • Blog Post: First Moonlight Release

    From Miguel de Icaza : Today we are making the first public release of Moonlight, supporting the Silverlight 1.0 profile for Linux. The release comes in two forms: No-media codecs supported, but easy to install: head to and click on the cute installer for Moonlight. This...
  • Blog Post: See You in Roanoke Thursday!

    This Thursday evening, I'll be in Roanoke, VA for the Roanoke Valley .NET User Group November meeting . Robin and the 'noke crew have invited me down to talk about WPF and Silverlight, and I'll be discussing those topics and more, including talking about some of the cool Silverlight stuff we did for...
  • Blog Post: New posts Coming Soon

    No, I haven't vanished from the face of the earth...just took a little R&R and family time after the awesome ReMIX07 Boston event earlier this month. I'm back to work, and once I catch up on the major backlog of emails, I'll be back to my regular posting routine, just in case anyone missed me.
  • Blog Post: ReMIX has begun!

    We've kicked off ReMIX07 Boston. The keynote is going on right now, and I and my colleague Chad Brooks are awaiting the first set of videos from our video team to encode and get uploaded to our web site. We'll be posting the videos to Channel 9, and linking to them from the ReMIX07 Boston home page ...
  • Blog Post: WIRED SCIENCE Interview on Photosynth

    Photosynth is one of the very cool things coming out of Microsoft Live Labs , and here's a video interview with one of the folks working on it: This is a great piece on Photsynth from Wired Science on PBS. If you haven't tried it, you can download and install the Photosynth preview from
  • Blog Post: ReMIX07 Boston Starts Monday

    Later today, I'll be hopping a plane to Boston, for the first major conference I've been involved with planning, ReMIX07 Boston . I've been part of the team putting together content and speakers, and the team working out how to enhance the communication with attendees and other interested folks before...
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