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  • Blog Post: Sample: Windows Phone 7 Panoramic Navigation in Blend

    Aimee Gurl has posted a sample showing one way to implement panoramic navigation for Windows Phone 7 using behaviors in Expression Blend. The post includes a full tutorial on laying out your controls, as well as a link to the behavior library that makes it all work, so go check it out !
  • Blog Post: WPF Sample: Convert HTML to XAML (and Back)

    I haven’t had a chance to play with this , but it looks pretty cool…a sample that converts HTML to XAML and vice-versa. (h/t Jon Galloway via Brian Henderson )
  • Blog Post: 101 LINQ Samples

    Perhaps a bit late to the party here, but I’ve heard about this resource twice in the last 2 days (yesterday during my workout on a Deep Fried Bytes episode featuring Jim Wooley , and again in a tweet from Pete Brown today). I give you… 101 LINQ Samples
  • Blog Post: Family.Show v3 Released

    One of the more fun and compelling sample applications for WPF, which I demoed this morning at the MSDN Roadshow in Reston, VA, has just been updated, as announced by Tim Sneath : It’s been a little while in coming, but I’m delighted to announce that we’ve shipped the latest release of Family.Show ,...
  • Blog Post: Samples Right Under Your Nose?

    Did you know that there are samples built right into the Help section of Visual Studio 2008? I didn’t, but VB geek Chris Love pointed it out to me: So I have been having a problem designing a rather odd LINQ to EF statement the past week and I decided to contact my friend on the Entity Framework team...
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