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  • Blog Post: Community Megaphone Podcast Show #22 – Software Craftsmanship Panel from NoVA Code Camp!

    The latest episode of the Community Megaphone Podcast is up! In this episode, Dane and I had the opportunity to host a panel discussion live at the Northern Virginia Code Camp on the topic of Software Craftsmanship. Panelists included: - Antonio Chagoury - Roberto Hernández-Pou - Buchanan Dunn - Eric...
  • Blog Post: Open Hand? Or Closed Fist?

    Last week I was involved in a discussion on Twitter that spurred some thoughts while I was driving to Norfolk for our MSDN Roadshow stop there. The thoughts were around how we communicate. The way I see it (and I’m sure I’m not the first to put it this way), there are a couple of ways you can approach...
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