Many of you loyal geekSpeakers might have been wondering - where'd they go? How do I get my fix of getting my questions answered by industry experts in an interactive format (man, that sounded a bit too marketing-ish right there. Sorry about that).

There are several theories we've seen floating around the 'net:

We've been in a secret lair planning to unleash a plan to take over the world.

Nope, that's not it.

We've been writing the season finale that has one of our major characters killed off, leaving you in cliffhanger suspense until next season.

Well, sort of.

I mean, I recently got a new a partner and co-host on geekSpeak - Lynn Langit. She's really raised the stakes by getting us connected with the team over at Channel 9. So we worked out a deal to become their latest show because our take on things is a little different.

So you're going to be able to continue to join our interactive geekSpeaks, as well as download them as screencasts and audiocasts after the fact.

But we won't stop there. Lynn's got some other great ideas we'll be incorporating in the coming months.

So watch for new geekSpeaks coming soon!