Our first geekSpeak in September will be the return of Shawn Wildermuth, this time taking your quesitons on Silverlight. Shawn's also presenting a Silverlight workshop on the road, more information on this 3 day workshop can be found at http://www.silverlight-tour.com/

So join us on Wednesday, September 5 at 3 PM Eastern. At that time (or as early as 30 minutes before) click this link to join: https://www112.livemeeting.com/cc/microsoft/join?id=geekSpeak_20070905&role=attend

Also, you can click on the attachment to this post to add a reminder to your calendar. And forward it to your friends!

Note that for the month of September, we are trying out the just released Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007. Hopefully it will be a better experience for participating in the geekSpeak, asking questions, etc.