Bring your questions about XNA game development for Nick Landry to answer. Nick is a great speaker and has recently written an article on XNA in the current issue of CoDe magazine, so he's rarin' to tell us all about the ins and outs of building games with XNA.

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Here's Nick's bio and photo:


Nickolas Landry is a principal architect and Practice Manager in New York for Infusion Development (, and is a frequent speaker at major software development conferences worldwide like TechEd, MEDC, DevConnections and others. He’s a member of both the INETA and MSDN Canada Speakers Bureaus, a Microsoft MVP on Device Application Development, and is the Vice-President of IASA New York ( Nick specializes in .NET mobility, OOP & SOA, architecture and design patterns, high performance computing, robotics and smart clients. He also lectures on XNA at various events, is a production advisor for Frozen North’s Project Hippasus (, was producer and game designer for Infusion’s Mobile Kombat for Microsoft MEDC 2006, and was a volunteer beta tester for two Star Wars Galaxies expansions.

He has written about mobile development and XNA for magazines and has helped to develop several .NET mobility courses for Microsoft, has been a technical editor for many book titles, and holds several professional certifications from Microsoft and IBM

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