on Wednesday, October 17th at 12 noon PST (link to register for webcast is below)

Aaron Elder started with The Alpha Computing Group in 1997 as a Senior Developer, working with many data-driven, web-based applications using Active Server Pages, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or 5, and Microsoft SQL Server.  Aaron developed the application and user interface of a small Customer Service Application Service Provider startup called iCommunicate, a spin-off of The Alpha Computing Group, which was acquired in 2001 by Microsoft after being live for only a few months. The iCommunicate developers became the Microsoft CRM application development team, and Aaron relocated to Redmond, Washington, working at Microsoft as a Senior Software Design Engineer on the Microsoft CRM web application.  From the beginning, Aaron owned the Microsoft CRM application framework and worked closely on the development of the user interface. For Microsoft CRM 2005, he led the development team to make significant improvements to the application framework in order to support new features and introduced a client-side Software Development Kit. In particular, Mr. Elder was a lead developer on the upcoming Add Entity Feature.  Aaron left Microsoft to return to The Alpha Computing Group, which was acquired in 2007 by Ascentium Corporation.  He is now the Chief CRM Architect for Ascentium and a CRM MVP.  Aaron, who now lives in Bellevue, Washington, was married in 2004 and enjoys skiing and playing Texas Hold ‘Em. 

geekSpeak: Custom Development on Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Aaron Elder (Level 200)