Here's a list of links related to Paul's geekSpeak show:

-to 'What is a Feature?'

-to the FBA Authentication walkthrough that I normally use:

-to the SharePoint Discussions list in Yahoo Groups

-to Paul's employer's Mindsharp website -  lots of free whitepapers and other downloads.

and some more links

- to the Fantastic 40 templates + more Also more on Lynn's blog

- to 'How to set up SharePoint Development environments'

-to Support for AJAX (futures) in SharePoint

-to Support for Silverlight on SharePoint- example on CodePlex

-to 'about Enterprise Search on SharePoint'  

-to 13-part MSDN webcast series by Lynn and Mike Benkovich on SharePoint for Developers

-to find all SharePoint-related posts on Lynn's blog

Grab the files from Paul's demo from Live SkyDrive (if outside of the US, then send me an email request through this blog for the demo files)