This was a great nuts and bolts geekSpeak on how to allow anonymous users to submit information through a MOSS site. Here are some great SharePoint resources from Jim. You can watch the recording of the geekSpeak if you missed it.


Licensing information for MOSS -

Licensing information for Windows Server 2003 (to get WSS) and the external license -

MOSS versus WSS features:

The Debug bar - a developer utility, not an after work hangout :) -

IE developer toolbar -

Jim's recommendation for reasonable Sharepoint hosting with a top notch Infrastructure -

Jim's SharePoint Learning Center -

Where to find local Sharepoint user groups -

CSS Reference Chart for SharePoint 2007 -

WSS 3.0 Help and How To -

WSS 3.0 Formulas and Functions -

Ian Morrish's WSS demo sites - and

Screencast on how to use FormsAuthentication on a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 site -

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