Join us on geekSpeak Wednesday, March 19 at 3 PM EDT to dig deep into ASP.NET with our guest Daniel Egan. Daniel has a long history of using Microsoft ASP.NET, he's an MVP and a Regional Director, is an author of an ASP.NET book, and speaks at a lot of conferences.

Register for this live geekSpeak webcast and bring your toughest ASP.NET questions, and we'll try to get Daniel to answer them.

About our guest:


Since 1998, Daniel Egan has held a variety of positions in the information technology and engineering fields. At OCG he serves as president and chief operating officer (CEO). Daniel is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Microsoft ASP.NET, and a Microsoft .NET Framework Insider for the Southern California region. In addition to his development work, Daniel teaches a .NET certification course at California State University Fullerton, and also serves on the university's .NET Advisory board. He is the cofounder of the SoCalDotNet Developers Group. Daniel is a frequent speaker and conference presenter and has written several articles in addition to authoring Building Websites with VB.NET and DotNetNuke 3.0 (Packt Publishing 2005). To find out more about Daniel, visit either of his blogs, Dot Net Doc or The Pattern Man.