Regrettably we did not get a chance to promote the geekSpeak we had this week through this blog, but you can still catch a recording of it. Karl Shifflet is an MVP in the Charlotte, NC area who worked on a great project - Mole. Mole is a visualizer for Visual Studio development that just does an incredible job of helping you debug your applications. The ways in which you can drill into objects and values are amazing. But don't take my word for it, watch Karl demo it in the recording.  And also listen for how hard he laughs when we tell him what 80s movie his picture (below) reminds me and my colleague Brian Hitney (who co-hosted) of.


Link to download Mole -

The snoop tool mentioned -

The Infragistics tool mentioned -

Karl's articles on writing and debugging visualizers - and

Videos on how to use Mole -

Some great MSDN articles on visualizers