It was a busy time last month for mobility guru Jim Wilson, what with two geekSpeaks in a row, but he pulled off another outstanding Q&A and demo session for us. Catch the recording here and check out all the great resources Jim provided below.

Jim’s 90 minute Webcast: WCF Store and Forward implementation details and coding:

Jim’s 35 minute “How Do I” video showing how to use Store and Forward to send simple notifications:

Windows Mobile 6 SDKs (w/ emulators):

Windows Mobile 6.1 Emulator images (Professional & Standard):

Multipart series from the .NET Compact Framework team walking through the process of creating a WCF Store and Forward app.

Part 1 - The origins of the 'lunch launcher'
Part 2 - MEDC 2007
Part 3 - Managing the Transport
Part 4 - Sending messages
Part 4b - The output channel
Part 5 - Receiving messages
Part 6 - Processing messages
Part 7 - The Lunch Manager
Part 8 - What did I learn?

Exchange Web Services:

Power Toys for .NET Compact Framework 3.5 (download containing Netcfsvcutil and documentation):

MSDN Windows Mobile WCF Article:

.NET Compact Framework Team Member Blog comparing NetCFSvcUtil to SvcUtil: