Momentum. Momentum is very important.

One of my mentors (and until a few weeks ago, teammate) Doug Turnure has this to say about momentum. Sometimes it's good to take a break, let some excitement build up, then pick things back up and BOOM, more momentum. I'm paraphrasing, because Doug didn't say BOOM in all caps - I did that for effect.

We're actually putting that advice into practice with geekSpeak. As far as the live geekSpeak webcasts that are on Wednesdays go, we're going on hiatus for the month of July. We'll be using the time to regroup, catch up on the postings we're behind on like the show recordings on Channel 9, the post show resources on this blog, and more. We'll also be ramping up on our use of Facebook and Twitter so you'll have additional ways to connect with us.

Look for us to resume in August with great guests - Paul Stork, Juval Lowy, Frank La Vigne and David Mann. Watch this space for announcements of the geekSpeak webcasts opening for registration. In the meantime, we welcome your comments and suggestions!