Thanks again to Dave Mann for an engaging discussion around SharePoint workflow. You can catch the recording here. Below are the post show resources.


Dave's SharePoint workflow book Workflow in the 2007 Microsoft Office System -

Trial edition of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 virtual machine -

TechNet Virtual Lab: Creating Workflows for Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 -

SharePoint Workflow videos on MSDN (includes some on workflow) - -

The workflow resources page on Dave’s blog -

Check out the Microsoft CRM SDK for SharePoint workflow integration resources -

Dave's whitepapers on delivering modular SharePoint workflow functionality - and


We have installed Sharepoint 2007 and we have Sharepoint Designer. However, our company is on the fence to embrace Sharepoint. Is there a workflow process that you can think of that will add some flash to the site and get our employees involved into the site?

This is probably not a function of workflow, unless you can identify a particularly onerous task and use workflow to automate it to make it less painful.  That usually gets people’s attention.

Is there a way to integrate the WF directly to InfoPath forms?

You can use InfoPath forms with workflow, or have the forms be the payload upon which the workflow runs.

For the SendEmail task, is it possible to pass in the values for the To and CC fields instead of having to hard code them? For example, is it possible to populate the To field with a list value that's populated by the user?

For VS workflows, yes.  For SPD workflows, I don’t think so.  However, I very rarely use SPD for workflow, so I can’t say for sure there.  You might be able to cobble something together with Lookups and variables.

Can we go back and look at why that workflow did not work?

For some reason, the change I made to the Title field of the document did not “stick”.  When I went back into it, the old title was still there.  I tried changing it again and then the workflow worked just as expected.

The error report in SPS Workflow doesn’t give much information. We get some generic error - Workflow failed to Initialized. Is there a way to get the actual error in an event of WF failure?

Yes, look in the ULS logs - ...12\LOGS

If I move the history information for a workflow to another custom list for auditory/historical purposes, would I have to create a custom page to connect the list/library item with the workflow history? (or is there a way to surface the information from the custom list on the standard out-of-box history page?

You could specify a custom status page in the workflow.xml and do it that way.

I see you are using C# to write the workflows... can you use VB, or do I need to start learning C#?

No, you can do VB as well.

Can you bypass a workflow step, for example, if you know someone is on vacation or away rather than wait for it to timeout? How do you tie a workflow to a website?

In VS, yes, easily.  In SPD, it is likely possible.  It depends on how you need to figure out that they’re on vacation.