One of the outstanding features of Silverlight is the capability to create phenomenal video players. In this geekSpeak we’ll hear from Corey Schuman on the subtleties of building video players with Silverlight. If you’ve got questions about Silverlight and Video, here’s a great opportunity to get them answered. Your hosts will be Glen Gordon and G. Andrew Duthie .

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About our guest

We added the Santa hat for effect. :)


Corey Schuman is a Microsoft .NET developer who concentrates on combining an object-oriented software development approach with a stellar UI experience. While working in the Microsoft Platforms Group at Schematic, Corey has worked with clients including HSN, Library of Congress, and NBC. Prior to Schematic, Corey worked at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Philips where he excelled at merging business applications, new technology, and user interfaces.

As for Microsoft Silverlight, Corey has been actively involved since the first release in September 2007, and he continues prototyping and pushing the boundaries of where Silverlight can go. Corey writes about Silverlight in his blog at