In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve scaled back the geekSpeak series in recent months, so we can focus on bringing you higher quality experiences in each one.

Our next geekSpeak is August 19th, when we’ll have David Kelley explain Composite Application Development in WPF and Silverlight. David is a prolific Silverlight guru, so this should be an excellent geekSpeak. Bring your questions!

About our guest


David Kelley, Senior Software Architect, IdentityMine

David Kelley is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Microsoft Silverlight, and he has been building Web-based, distributed applications for more than ten years. He is a Silverlight user experience architect at IdentityMine, and his passion is building user experiences that are elegant and easy to use. David's career highlights include a Silverlight demonstration with Bill Gates at TechEd 2008, and developing the "Entertainment Tonight" Web site for the Silverlight 1 launch and Emmy Awards. In his spare time, David is the executive officer of the Seattle Designer Developer Interaction Group.