if you use OSD Task Sequences in Configuration Manager and you end up with a non-finishing TS (possibly at the step of trying to install the ConfMgr agent), you may check the logs and find the following error codes:

0x00000032 means: The request is not supported.
-2147467259 means: Unspecified error
0x80070057 means: One or more arguments are invalid /or, An argument does not meet the contract of the method

If you’re trying to Install some storage driver (for example) in the Task Sequence without deploying the OS yet (as a previous step), the TS may fail. The error 0x00000032 means that exactly!

You need to try to move this step in the TS, after the OS is installed and check the issue again...

Alternative methods:

Re-create (or even remove as a test) its package and test again.

Re-create the ConfMgr client package also, and test again.