Financial Services Industry Employs Microsoft SDL In New Secure Software Model - Dark Reading


This is really nice to see. For those of you who are not familiar with BITS, BITS is the technical policy arm for the Financial Services Roundtable. The Financial Services Round Table mission is to protect and promote the economic vitality and integrity of its members and the United States financial system. I first learned about this organization, 21 years ago, when I was working at Cooper Industries in Houston Texas as a Network Administrator, managing an IBM Token Ring network. The fact that BITS is collaborating with Microsoft to use key SDL features is a good thing for the financial services industry. The BITS software assurance framework can help independent software vendors (ISVs) to write better, more secure software. Be sure to visit the BITS website to download and read more about the BITS whitepaper, Software Assurance Framework. I’d love to hear back on what folks think of the BITS software Assurance Framework.