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    .NET Languages and Certifications

    Traditionally, we have created exams with development language support for Visual Basic, C# and C++. A recent revelation if you will, of the 70-502 WPF exam, showed that not all technologies support all 3 languages. There is no designer support for WPF...
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    Zune Not Playing Media

    So, I took my Zune out today so that I could listen to music while I worked.  It has been in my backpack for a couple of days now. This is the original 30GB Zune model and it has worked exceptionally well since I have had it.  I installed the...
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    Technology Adoption Time Frame and the Relation to Certification

    So, as I dig deeper into this whole Visual Studio 2008 story, seeking alignment with products and industry use, one thought continues to occur to me. This thought leads me down a path that in my mind makes sense but may not resonate well with all. ...
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    Visual Studio 2008 Cert Story Almost Complete

    I know a lot of you are waiting for this and I do apologize for the delay. The issue with this current certification path is in the changes reflected in the product, coupled with the Technology Specialist certifications that are about to release. Early...
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    What's in a Name?

    If I were to ask your interpretation of the following two titles, what would your response be? Web Developer ASP.NET Developer Think about those two terms and tell me what comes to mind. If you were to post a job opportunity for a Web developer, what...
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    TechEd Developers Barcelona Was Great!

    After a long trip back home, and an even longer time getting dug out from under a week's worth of email and work put on hold, I finally find time to post to my blog. I want to express my sincere thanks to the MCTs who helped us staff the Microsoft Learning...
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