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    Gerry is On Vacation!

    That's right, Seattle couldn't provide enough snow so I had to head back home for Christmas. Seriously, I will be spending Christmas with family in Atlantic Canada and my parents still only have dial-up so I will not be posting much over the next two...
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    SQL Server 2008 and Certifications

    Ok, so we have communicated to you about Visual Studio 2008, but some of you are saying what about SQL Server 2008? Well, as you may or may not know, SQL Server 2008 will not ship until some time next year, 2008. As a result, you have lots of time to...
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    Calling All C++ Developers

    Ok, that's sort of like a marketing thing where I put a headline out there just to get you to read my post. Sorry, but I have a very serious question to ask you and I need your feedback. For those of you who are developing using Microsoft's Visual C+...
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