Microsoft Certifications: I'm Already Certified as an MCPD and I Want to Upgrade. Where do I start?

Microsoft Certifications: I'm Already Certified as an MCPD and I Want to Upgrade. Where do I start?

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For those of you who have already acquired an MCPD in either Windows, Web or Enterprise for .NET 2.0, I have some good news and some bad news.

First the good news.  You are only one exam away from upgrading your skills to .NET 3.5 MCPD, (almost).  The almost means that for Web and Windows, there will be one upgrade exam but for Enterprise, there will be two, similar to .NET 2.0.  There is just too much stuff to cover for one upgrade exam.

That's right, we have kept the same pillars for the MCPD track that you are already familiar with in 2.0.  We will have MCPD Web, Windows and Enterprise for .NET 3.5.

Obviously some of the material will be different such as needing to know WCF, ADO etc. for MCPD Enterprise Developer and of course MCPD Web will be renamed to MCPD ASP.NET, official names to follow.

So, what is the bad news?  Well, you won't be able to upgrade until the exams become available.  At this time, I don't have an ETA on that availability.   One of the reasons is that upgrade exams are comprised of multiple other exams from the TS and Pro tracks.  At this time, only our TS level exams are nearing completion and the Pro level exams are still a way out.

This of course provides you the ability to get up to speed on the new technologies in .NET 3.5 before the exams launch. 

These delays are a direct result of the issues we faced with the Pro level exam retirement decision and we couldn't create these exams until we had a solid decision and game plan in place.  Please ensure you watch the MCP web site and your MCP Flash newsletters for the announcements around those decisions and to better help you understand why the Pro certifications were delayed.  I won't go into the specifics here as Trika and team have done a much better job at explaining this than I could possibly provide.

These upgrade paths have been a long time coming and we appreciate your patience in waiting for this information, well, most of you were patient.  ;-)

I hope it is good news and that you will be satisfied with the decisions we have made.  They were done with your best interests in mind.

As always, opinions, comments and questions welcome.



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  • For those of you who have already acquired an MCPD in either Windows, Web or Enterprise for .NET 2.0

  • Hi Gerry,

    If I'm a MCPD in Web, Windows and Enterprise, is there any requirements/benefits (other than preparation) of doing any of the new TS exams?

    Also, the way I see it is there are 5 new TS exams (WCF, WPF, WF, ADO.NET, ASP.NET) - which of the MCPD upgrade exams will cover material from which of these new TS exams?



  • Aggiornare le certificazioni MCPD a .NET 3.5

  • Hello Gerry,

    I have only one comment: If you can get the upgrade exams ready at least at the same time you get the full MCPD 3.5 ready, that would be great. I wouldn't want to be last just because of the upgrade...

  • Hi Rob.

    No reason to do the TS exams unless they are not included as part of the MCPD.  For example, the Workflow exam will not be a part of any of the MCPD exams so if you want to show a credential in that, you will need to take the 70-504 exam seperately.

    As to what will be included, for Web, ASP.NET and ADO.NET, for Windows it will be the as-yet announced Windows Forms and for Enterprise, it will cover Windows, ASP.NET, ADO.NET and WCF.

    WPF and WF are the standalone TS exams.


  • Giggio,

    The upgrade exams are formed from the TS and Pro exams.  You won't see the upgrade exams in beta form but the Pro exams will be in beta.  

    Once the beta finishes and the items are selected, the upgrade exams are created. They are typically released around the same time.


  • Hi Gerry,

    I have a question, but not sure if you're the person who can answer, but what the heck. I sat for WCF beta exam last year Decemember, I still have not received my results in the mail yet (supposed to be 8 weeks). You have any idea what's happening?

  • Hi Edwin,

    I am all knowing.  :-)

    Actually, the beta period for this exam was extended along with those for WPF and WF.

    As a result, the exam won't go live until April 14.  You should see results around that time.


  • Hi Ben


    thanks for the info. I'm getting quite impatient waiting for my results!!!! :)

  • Great to see some updates on this!  Now...can we avoid exams where you fail the entire exam if you fail one section (ala 70-553/554)?

  • I know you said 'no ETA', but can you give a ballpark (Q2/Q3/Q4, etc)?  The reason I ask is that my employer reimburses for the exams and there is a 'use it or lose it' yearly allowance.  If the upgrade exams aren't expected this year, I would begin studying for a TS exam like WPF or WF in order to take full advantage of my employers allowance.  Knowing an estimate would allow me to plan accordingly.

  • Hi Shawn.

    A ballpark for the upgrade exams at this time would be end of year.  So that means a Q4 calendar year 2008.  That assumes we get development kicked off before the end of Q1 calendar year 2008, which as you know, is almost over now.

    That is the best I can offer at this time and it comes with the caveat that they may or may not be available in that time frame.

    I'm sorry I can't offer anymore than that but I won't commit to something that I can't commit to based on factual evidence.


  • Thanks Gerry, I appreciate the effort at trying to pin down a moving target.  This is enough information for me to plan my year.  I will focus on the standalone WPF and WF TS exams this year and then focus on the upgrade at the end of the year.

  • As Gerry mentioned in his blog, WPF , WCF and WF exams went live on Monday last week. As you may already

  • Hi Gerry,

    Out of interest, if I'm an MCPD 2.0 and take all the individual 3.5 exams (as opposed to the upgrade exams), will I gain an MCPD 3.5?



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