ASP.NET and ADO.NET Beta Exams Extended

ASP.NET and ADO.NET Beta Exams Extended

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So, after giving Bryant a hard time on his blog about posting the beta codes for these two exams, we now find ourselves in a position where uptake from the normal channels is low.  Bryant didn’t steal or expose any proprietary information BTW.  Just used his smarts and capitalized on a mistake we made with the codes.

As a result of the low numbers of attendees, we are extending the beta period until May 4th for these exams.  See my previous post for ASP.NET and ADO.NET with links to the prep guides.  We require more people to take these two exams so we can evaluate the performance of the items and determine any problematic areas.

So, if you are well versed in ADO.NET and ASP.NET, even if you don’t want the certification, consider taking one of these exams and giving us your feedback.  They are free!

And, in case you didn’t get the beta codes previously, you can register for these exams using;

70-561 – beta code = 561B1

70-562 – beta code = 562B1



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  • Thanks! I actually missed my appointment for the ADO.Net exam this morning for work related reasons so I was trying to figure out when I could take it in the next couple of days. Now I have a month!

  • Ahh, so you were one of the no shows.  :-)

    I used to do that myself before I started working here at MS.  Now, I have no excuses.

    Glad the extension allows you to take it.


  • Actually I just tried to change it and got:

    "You have previously taken or scheduled this exam. Microsoft requires that beta exams are only taken or scheduled once."

    Arg. Any way to get around this?

  • Taking this offline with Bryant.


  • Hello Gerry,

    Do you know when WCF and WF Beta Exams results will be avaliable?

  • Just taken the exam before I was fully prepared.... and you now said exam period EXTENDED!!!!!   Why don't say it one day earlier????

    With public accessible register code and a looooong exam period.  You are going to see illegal materials begin appear in the Internet before the end of beta, and some people take the exams near the end of the period will get extreme high scores.  

    Those who took the exam at the early dates will certainly become a victim to this special arrangement!!!!

  • How can we subscribe to beta exams ?

  • Oh good an extension.  I am thankful for the beta exam code and I am registered for the exam in two weeks.

    I have a quick question though, is there an upgrade prep guide as I already have the 70-528?

  • Any idea when we can expect to see the results of the other 3.5 exams? It's a long time from November till now.

  • Ohhh.. Just spent close to a full day to make it for this one :) Took the two in succession skipping lunch :D

    If only I was able to read Gerry's mind ahead and see this coming :) That would have been a few more days worth of knowledge.

    I definitely agree that the population should be sufficient to gauge the questions but seeing that this makes all the .NET 3.5 (including previous WCF, WF, WPF beta) extended, there might be the possibility that either not enough time is given for people to adopt to these OR just the beta period is too short.

    I gain a lot from preparing a bit and taking these exams and somehow the thought of contributing in my own little way is very much worth the effort. But for a few of us (or could just be me) to find it hard to fit this into schedule (just to end up being extended) might be a hint that something could be wrong.

    Tryin my best to advertise and talk people into this but I should ask Trika for say a "Skipped Lunch to take Beta Exam" cap :D

    Hope the turn is better the second time around! :)

  • ASP.NET and ADO.NET Beta Exams Extended

  • I initially had some issues getting prometric to recognize the code, today, but persistence paid off and after submitting the exact same code three times (I really just did copy and paste) it let me in.  Thanks for posting here as yours is one of the few MicroSoft blogs I subscribe to!

  • For Anthony and Martin.  

    Because the betas were extended, the results would obviously be affected.  We cannot determine passing scores until the beta sessions are complete and we have had opportunity to evaluate the questions.

    The exams are scheduled to go live on April 14 and you should start to see results around that time.


  • Paul, there is no "special arrangement".

    The beta exams require a certain number of deliveries before we can ensure psychometrically valid data.

    Opening it to the public does not mean that the content will be compromised fast enough for people to take advantage of it by the end of May.  Unless you know something I don't.  :-)


  • Forrest,

    There isn't an upgrade prep guide in place yet.  Just the prep guide that is present on the web page for the exams that are included in the links above.


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