Exams Live Today

Exams Live Today

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Three of our .NET 3.5 exams went live today. 

70-502: Windows Presentation Foundation

70-503: Windows Communication Foundation

70-504: Windows Workflow Foundation

That means the scoring for the beta exam is complete and those who took the beta exams should start to see the results sometime this week.  For those of who will pass it, my congratulations.  For those who will not, at least the exam was free, and you now know what to expect for the live version.

For those who took the betas, thank you very much for your feedback and comments.  They went a long way to help us release a better exam that will be relevant and contain questions that will test appropriate knowledge.

On a similar note, remember that the beta exams for ASP.NET and ADO.NET were extended.  See my previous post on that subject.  If you haven't taken a beta exam before, I suggest you try one.  They count towards your certification if you pass and they are free.



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  • Hi,

    I have mentioned this to someone before but I don't think I got an answer - why are these under the category of .Net 3.5 when they are infact part of .Net 3.0?



  • Hi Ben,

    these exams also cover the new features which were added to wpf/wf/wcf in .NET 3.5.


  • Hi Ben,

    Mathias is correct.  Although WPF, WCF and WF were introduced in .NET 3.0, the release in that version was in the form of extensions to Visual Studio 2005.   We do not typically release exams for extension products or off the normal product lifecycle.

    The decision was to wait and release the exams along with the Visual Studio 2008 product release, which meant the version would be 3.5.


  • Hi Gerry,

    Thanks for the heads up!

    What is the quickest way to find out the results?

    When viewing testing history on Prometric the status of the exam is still listed as "Tested". Will this change to pass or fail when results are received?

    Or will our MCP transcript be updated first.



  • Hi Iain,

    Yes, the result will change to indicate pass or fail and your transcript should be updated around the same time.


  • Finally! The results of the beta exams are starting to show up.

    Prometric has updated results for 70-502. Hopefully, they will update 70-503 and 70-504 soon!

  • Yeap, my 70-502 just updated. Too bad I failed. :(

    Is there a consolation prize? :)

  • Hey Gerry,

    Any ideas/guesses around when SQL 2008 exams will be going in to beta?

  • Bryant, sorry to hear about that.  I can't even judge the exam as I haven't taken it yet myself.  I'm interested in looking at the stats for it though to see how many passed and failed.

    My suspicions are that it was a hard exam for a new technology and not many have sufficient experience with WPF yet.

    The only consolation I can offer is that you helped make the exam better with your feedback.  :-)


  • Hi Peter,

    The only two exams that are at a stage where beta can be scheduled are 70-432(DBA) and 70-448(BI), both MCTS exams.

    You should see those in beta around late June or early July.


  • I took the WPF Beta Exam in February. My results are not up yet on Prometric. When should I start worrying?

  • Prometric has updated results for 71-503 WCF.

    It seems like they are taking about two days for each exam. By this rate, we should be seeing results for 71-504 Windows WF by early next week.

  • Prometric has published results for 71-504 Win WF too!

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