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    What’s Up With the New MCPD Exams?

    There was a question posted over on Trika’s blog about the new .NET 3.5 pro exams based on the Prep guides. Michael basically asked, “In .net 2.0, Pro exams there was a heavy focus on testing, design and the theoretical part of software development. When...
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    Windows Forms for .NET 3.5? What are We Thinking?

    Yes, the question was asked, I answered it, but I thought others might want to know just what we were thinking when we created an exam for Windows Forms on .NET 3.5. I mean, wasn’t WPF supposed to be the replacement technology for developing Windows applications...
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    Why Doesn’t Microsoft Have Entry Level Developer Certifications?

    I struggle some days for topics to blog about, that’s how exciting my life is. :-) Usually Trika comes to the rescue as she did again here. She forwarded a question on to me the other day where somebody asked the question that is the title of this posting...
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    Masters is Coming

    Not the golf tournament, but the certification track.  So, do you have what it takes to become a Microsoft Certified Master? A lot of people have been asking for some time if there was a step between the MCPD or MCITP and the MCA program.  We...
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    More Master Certification Information

    Much better than I could possibly do, Per has posted over on Trika’s blog about the Master Certification program.  Check it out .   Gerry
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