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    Status Update on Exam Release Dates

    A few are asking, so I thought I would post this morning what our current release dates are for the remaining exams. SQL Server 70-433 – February 27, 2009 Visual Studio 70-505 – February 5, 2009 70-563 – February 3, 2009 70-565 – February 23, 2009 70...
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    Exam 70-565 Prep Guide

    Some of you are asking about information on what this exam will cover and the prep guides are not updated on the public pages yet.  In the meantime, I have posted the prep guide information here.   Target Audience Candidates for this exam work...
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    Keeping Up to Date and Going Backwards at the Same Time

    Part of my role as a Product Planner is to keep up with technology changes in the industry as they impact the audiences that I focus on.  For me, that means developer technologies and SQL Server trends etc.  For the most part, this is an enjoyable...
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    Career Assist

    The current economic situation leaves many people wondering about their careers and future job prospects.  The IT industry is not immune to these conditions.  We all face many challenges and decisions in the months ahead on how to best position...
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