Status Update on Exam Release Dates

Status Update on Exam Release Dates

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A few are asking, so I thought I would post this morning what our current release dates are for the remaining exams.

SQL Server

70-433 – February 27, 2009

Visual Studio

70-505 – February 5, 2009
70-563 – February 3, 2009
70-565 – February 23, 2009
70-566 – March 10, 2009
70-567 – March 3, 2009
70-568 – March 26, 2009
70-569 – March 26, 2009

Embedded Standard

70-577 – February 5, 2009


Again, remember that these dates are current but are subject to change without notification.



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  • Gerry

    Did you mean January 27 for 70-433? It is already available in Prometric.

    - Titus

  • Hi Titus,

    I forgot to add that will be a repub of 433 for the addition of some new items.

    Thanks for catching.


  • Thanks for the info! I can finally plan for my 3.5 certs. :)

    Thanks again.


  • What does the republishing mean for test-takers of the 433? Is it advisable to wait for the new version or should one hurry up to get the old release?

    Also, will there be "first to know" offers for the new and republished exams?

  • Hi, what about 70-562 and 70-564?

    Many thanks.


  • Thanks for the update.  I've been looking forward to the "Exam 70-566: Upgrade: Transition your MCPD Windows Developer Skills to MCPD Windows Developer 3" for a while and I'm ready to get it started.  Do you know where I can find a list of study topics or exam details?



  • Hi Martin,

    Republishing can mean different things but in this case, it means we have added more content to the exam.  In this case, there is no need to retake the exam or think there is anything different, it still covers the same material.


  • Hi Oenning,

    Those two exams are live in market now.


  • Hi Scott,

    The prep guides will be live shortly and you can find out information on all the Visual Studio 2008 exam information here,


  • Hi Gerry,

    The "First to Know" Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008 Exam Offer should apply to those exams as well, shouldn't it? When can we expect to receive the email with the voucher number?


  • Hi Minor,

    I don't run that program but I am checking with the internal stakeholders to see if these are covered in this program or not.


  • I'm a long time developer finally trying to obtain the MCSD cert. I understand that the old exams are scheduled to retire at the end of March. Do the above exams replace the ones required for the MCSD cert? Does MCPD replace MCSD?


  • Hi John,

    You are correct, the exams required for MCSD will retire at the end of March 2009.  I strongly suggest you look at completing the new generation of certification instead, unless you have invested time and money in the MCSD track already.

    The above exams are not the complete story for developer certification.  I have posted that story here on this blog and it is also available on the following web site,

    My suggestion would be to read the requirements on that page and the related pages to determine which path you wish to take.


  • Hi Gerry

    My last post wasn't published...sorry again if it wasn't to be here.

    I'm a MCTS developer and I'm actually studying to get more .NET certifications, so that's why I hate people getting certified by "wrong" ways (In the future, there will be a lot of MCPs that don't know anything about the tecnology he got our reputation as MCPs will start to fade...

    I just need some feedback about this subject. I won't bother you again.


  • Hi Robson, it was published.

    Look to the bottom of the page.


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