More VS 2010 Beta Seats Available

More VS 2010 Beta Seats Available

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OK, you asked for it.  We responded.

The absolute best that I can do is to open up 150 more seats for each exam.

Same beta codes.

Register now as this will be the only increase that will be authorized.

By the way, thanks for this awesome response in registering for these exams.  Best of luck to all of you!


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  • I'm really looking forward to taking the MCTS exams on .NET 4... But the only problem is the unavailabilty of the MCTS Self-Paced Training Kits right now... Can you tell me when exactly the MCTS Training Kits become avaliable, so that i can prepare for getting myself certified? And, are there any plans for MCPD Self-Paced Training Kits on .NET 4 this time? (Just like the .NET 2.0 ones and unlike the .NET 3.5 MCPD)

  • I plan on getting certified on .NET 4... The exams go live in July, but there is still no news about the release date for the MCTS Self-Paced Training Kits for the MCTS .NET 4 exams... Can you tell me when the Training Kits will become available? And, will this time there will be MCPD Self-Paced Training Kits like they released for the MCPD .NET 2.0 exams? (and unlike the MCPD .NET 3.5!)

  • Ashish,

    At the moment, I am not able to get dates for availability for the Training Kits for these products.

    From discussions earlier on, there will not be training kits for MCPD certifications.


  • Can you let me know what technology does the MCTS Exam 70-511 cover exactly? WinForms or WPF? As far as i can see in the objectives, almost all the skills required pertain to WPF. Is it worth the time and efforts to study some WinForm topics too? And, can i use the official .net 3.5 training guides as prep guides for .net 4 exams in the meantime until the .net 4 guides become available?

    What other prep materials can you suggest?

  • It is really disappointing to know that there wont be any MCPD Self-Paced Training Kits for .NET 4 certs... Why doesnt Microsoft recognise the fact that the MCPD exams require more preparation and guidance than the MCTS ones! C'mon Microsoft, plz release training materials for .net 4 MCPD!

  • Hi Pallavi,

    The prep guide lists the topics covered on the exam.  That is the most detail that I can offer without divulging actual exam content.

    Use the prep guide's Skills Measured section to identify the areas of focus.  As you can see, the majority of the focus is on WPF so I would recommend you focus on those areas listed.

    I would not recommend the TK for 70-505 for this exam but you could use the 70-502 TK for some prep on exam 70-511 but I strongly suggest you ensure you understand the new concepts and additions that have been added in .NET 4.


  • Ashish,

    If you have read my posts before on this topic, you might realize what my position is on this.

    As for Microsoft Learning's position, it comes down to a business decision.  Training Kits for MCPD certifications at this point do not make good business sense based on historical use.  I am not the Product Planner that makes these decisions so I am not the best to offer more rationale.

    As for my opinion, I don't think we should create Training Kits for MCPD certifications.  If you have the requisite experience, you will be able to pass the exam.

    I have spoken to numerous folks at PDC and TechEd over the years, as well as those who help us create these exams.  The consensus is the same.  If you meet the audience profile, you won't need study materials.

    Again, this is my opinion only and I fully understand that there are lots of candidates who prefer to have some form of exam prep to help ensure success on the exams.

    My recommendation is always to use the prep guide to ensure you understand the concepts that will be tested and use practice tests where available.


  • Hello Gerry,

    I am a student from Brazil and I have the following doubts.

    There is a chance for a new 70-356 for VS 2010? I am studying like to know if I should wait for the new 70-356.

    Thank you very much!

  • Hi Ygor,

    I believe you intended to write 70-536.  :-)

    The 70-536 exam will not be a requirement for .NET 4.  It will remain for .NET 3.5 and 2.0, but does not move forward and as a result, there will not be a new version.


  • It looks to me that the new .NET 4 MCTS exams have more objectives and in greater depths as compared to the .NET 3.5 MCTS exams... Is it because of the dis-continuation of the 70-536 exam or some other reasons? And what early prep material can i use to crack the exam once it goes live, any suggestions?

  • Hi Latika,

    That is the intention because there is no foundational exam for .NET 4.

    As for the prep materials, there are no early prep materials at this time.


  • Upon ugrading from Windows Developer 3.5 to Windows Developer 4, candidates also get MCTS certifications on WCF and ADO.NET... Now, MCTS on ADO.NET and WCF are not requirements for Windows Developer 3.5; so, dont you think its unfair for the candidates who should be taking the Windows Developer 4 path that they must pass MCTS ADO.NET and WCF exam?

  • Ravi, thanks for your comments,

    Our rationale is simple.

    For MCTS, you can focus on the technologies you want.  However, for the MCPD, which indicates a professional developer, it's imperative that you are able to utilize the technologies found in data access and services using WCF.

    When a candidate who is certified on .NET 3.5 upgrades to .NET 4, they will be tested on WCF and ADO.NET technologies along with the Windows Forms and WPF technologies as well.

    .NET 3.5 and .NET 4 are two seperate and different versions of the framework.  Also keep in mind that the way software development is moving, you must have an understanding of these technologies.  Windows Azure and other cloud technolgies are being utilized more and more in applications.

    Keep in mind as well that we do not have an Enterprise certification for .NET 4.  We did have for 3.5 and that certification required WCF and ADO.NET.

    In the latest certifications for .NET 4, candidate choose a platform they want to contentrate on, either Windows or Web.  Both MCPD certifications require the data access and WCF exams along with their own MCTS exam.  There is no enterprise developer in this round.

    You may be developing applications right now that don't access data or don't make use of services using WCF, but I doubt there are many.

    We have already vetted these decisions with subject matter experts from the industry and they all agree that these certifications make sense for the greatest number of applications being developed today and in the future.


  • Hello Gerry, I'm a student from UK and i want to know if the .NET 4 MCTS exam questions will be on a slightly more "tougher/difficult side" as compared to the .NET 3.5 ones. I see the syllabus have been quite broadened(that's very good indeed! u get more knowledge and skill-sets while during preparation) but the only doubt that creeps in the mind is about the 'standard' of the exam questions... I'm starting to think that the new exams will be more difficult to pass... What do you say?

  • Hi Eva,

    I apologize but I cannot discuss topics such as difficulty of questions about the exams.  

    The preparation guides list the topics that will be covered and if you understand those topics and can apply that knowledge, you should have no problem answering the questions.

    We validate the question difficulty with subject matter experts that help us determine if someone with the knowledge and qualifications listed in the audience profile would be able to answer the questions or not.


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