More VS 2010 Beta Seats Available

More VS 2010 Beta Seats Available

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OK, you asked for it.  We responded.

The absolute best that I can do is to open up 150 more seats for each exam.

Same beta codes.

Register now as this will be the only increase that will be authorized.

By the way, thanks for this awesome response in registering for these exams.  Best of luck to all of you!


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  • Hi Gerry,

    Can you tell me if its worth the time and efforts to study some WinForms topics for MCTS 70-511 exam?

    And i remember reading one of your blogs a few months ago when you mentioned that four new exams for beginner developer/ college students are under planning... Can you tell me what those exams are and when they go live?

  • Hi Tom,

    You're going to hate me for my answers, sorry.

    I can only tell you to focus on what you see on the prep guide for the exam.  I cannot divulge anymore about the exam content than that.

    As for the other exams I mentioned, again, I am not able to say anymore than I did in the other post because we have not officialy launched those exams and the program yet.  I don't own the new program or certifications so I can't comment further on it.


  • Its okay Gerry, i understand your and appreciate your commitment towards the standard, privacy and quality of Microsoft Certifications...

    And, i'll surely focus on the exam prep guide from now...

    Thanks for your guidance Sir! :)

  • Hello Gerry,

    i'm interested in (beta) certification about implementing and administering Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Team Foundation Server - like exam 70-510 (MOC6215A) for VS2008.

    Any hints are welcome.

    Thank you.

    Best regards


  • How about a few more seats? I put this on my calander for next month, thinking I could register untill the exam period meantioned in a previous post. I just checked today to see that people have already been registering but the extra seats are already gone!

  • Jörg,

    What kind of hints are you looking for?


  • Hello Gerry,

    general information, timeline and (if available) beta code for the TFS 2010 admin exam would be nice.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards


  • Hi Jörg,

    There will not be a beta for this exam.  It is expected to launch around the end of June, 2010.


  • Gerry,

    timeline and (if available) beta code for the SharePoint 2010 exam would be nice.


  • Now that the 70-536 exam has been discontinued for the .NET 4 certification track, i have doubts regarding future employers giving less importance to the .NET 4 certified MCTS individuals... I mean, we'll have no proof of the "basic .NET skill set"...

    Will that make a difference Sir?

  • Michael,

    I agree, it would be nice.   :-)

    Once I have it, it will be posted.

    No wine before its time.


  • Jake,

    Not in my opnion it won't.  

    The new exams imply .NET experience. I've said it before and I will reiterate here;

    The .NET Framework is HUGE with thousands of classes and pieces of functionality.  One exam cannot prove core competency in all the framework.  One that only proves partial competency is no better than one that proves none.


  • Timeout expired when trying to use the promo code... (tried for a while now)

  • Hi Andi,

    That is an issue with the Prometric site.

    Please call the 800 number listed on that site for your location to register by phone.


  • Gerry O'Brien said:

    > One exam cannot prove core competency in all

    > the framework.  One that only proves partial

    > competency is no better than one that proves none.

    When I studied for 70-536 exam I got a good overview of parts of the framework I wouldn't have known about otherwise. I don't see passing the 70-356 as proof that one can design and write good .NET code. I think its role was as a good overview of things most developers are likely to use at some point, not to to prove in dept knowlege of, say, System.Net.Mail.

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